Mug Cake Recipes that Actually Work!


After a lot of experimentation and testing, Victoria House Bakery author, Vicky Wells, has discovered the secret to mug cake recipes THAT ACTUALLY WORK! Her new book includes over 35 mug cake recipes that you’ll love, along with a Bonus Recipe for Homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice. This cookbook is a…

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The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera


Your Guide to the Hidden Beaches of this Bahamas Out-Island including Harbour Island The beaches of Eleuthera are fabulous. Much of the shoreline is beach but unfortunately access to these beaches is limited.The access roads are generally just tracks through the bush cut by local farmers to get to their…

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Break Your Sugar Addiction Recipes


Break Your Sugar Addiction Recipes Sugar Free Cooking to Reset Your Leptin Resistance & Lose Weight, Get Healthy Break Your Sugar Addiction. Reset Your Leptin Resistance. Lose Weight. Feel Great.Over 50 Recipes with: No Sugar – None of these recipes contain sugar – hidden or otherwise. No Artificial Sweeteners –…

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Sugar and the Evil Empire


Sugar and the Evil Empire How Multi-National Food Companies Have Turned The Western Population Into Sugar Addicts If you’re finding it difficult, or even impossible, to lose weight, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT! The Evil Empire is deliberately engineering their food-like products and soft drinks to exploit the pleasure centers of…

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Second Time Around


Second Time Around Michael Emerson always seems to be able to make the right choice – every time. This ability made him wealthy by the time he was twenty and continues into his current life. People have always wanted to know how he did it, how he always knew what…

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Common Sense Customer Service


Common Sense Customer Service Improve Your Job Skills & Provide A Great Customer Experience A Must Have Resource For Anyone In The Customer Service Field For Job Seekers Common Sense Customer Service helps job seekers that are looking for a career in customer service. This book gives them a good…

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How To Cook A Thanksgiving / Christmas Turkey Dinner


How to Cook a Thanksgiving / Christmas Turkey Dinner The holidays are coming and it’s your turn to host the dinner. Don’t Panic. How To Cook A Thanksgiving / Christmas Turkey Dinner takes you by the hand and offers a step-by-step guide to making the best turkey dinner you’ve ever…

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My First Cookbooks – The Basics


My First Cookbooks – The Basics Finally A Cookbook For Beginners Written with children in mind, this cookbook not only provides the basics but also points out safety issues, essential skills and needed equipment. Those new to cooking will find this book useful as it explains the recipes and methods…

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Amy and Argyle


Amy and Argyle There Are No Such Things As Dragons ~ Or Are There? What happens when a lonely little girl travels to Scotland for the summer and gets to spend time in a real castle with her Dad, Uncle Angus and her Auntie Morag? What secret does Uncle Angus…

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The Sinister Submarine


The Sinister Submarine It was just supposed to be a day at the beach, with some swimming and snorkelling, in the clear blue waters surrounding a small Bahamian island. But then everything changed. Sally was the first to see it – a dark shadow on the ocean floor. Carefully Sally,…

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