Brant Twins Mysteries

Jimmy and Sally Brant are 13-year-old twins that are about as different as you can get.

Sally, technically the older of the two (she was born three minutes before her brother), looks much younger. She is petite, blonde with a hint of red that glints in the sunlight and has fair skin that freckles with exposure to the sun.

Jimmy, not at all happy about being “younger” than his twin sister, is tall and dark with brown eyes and a smooth even tan. His brown hair has sun-bleached streaks, the result of spending a lot of his time outdoors.

As they follow their parents around the world (their mother is a marine biologist and their father is an ecological specialist), they always manage to find themselves in the middle of a mystery, without even trying.

Although Jimmy and Sally have the normal brother-sister squabbles, when danger threatens (which it often does), they always have each other’s backs.