The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera

elusive-beaches-eleuthera-squareYour Guide to the Hidden Beaches of this Bahamas Out-Island including Harbour Island

The beaches of Eleuthera are fabulous. Much of the shoreline is beach but unfortunately access to these beaches is limited.The access roads are generally just tracks through the bush cut by local farmers to get to their crops. Sometimes the roads are part of a subdivsion and may be paved but even these are often overgrown. There are no To the Beach signs and no guarantees that roads you take will go anywhere near a beach. The Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera gives you explicit directions and distances from local landmarks to accessible beaches plus warnings about road conditions and the type of vehicle you will need to travel them. GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) readings for each turn you make off the Queens Highway and where each access road meets the beach are also included. The authors have personally inspected each beach and rated each one in several useful categories.

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