The Reluctant Vegetarians

Husband and wife team, Geoff and Vicky Wells, are totally committed to a vegetarian lifestyle. They continue to add to their Reluctant Vegetarians series of books so they can help others who also wish to embrace the vegetarian lifestyle. In addition to their original best selling book, “Guide to Juicing, Raw Foods and Superfoods”, they continue to share their knowledge and personal experiences with two new books: Super 3 Day Detox Soup & Smoothie Plan – How To Cleanse Your Body With Vegetable Smoothies, Slow Cooker Soups and Fresh Fruits and Our Favorite Detox & Weight Loss Slow Cooker Recipes – Look Great, Get Healthy, Lose Weight. Geoff and Vicky are happy to share what they have learned and to highlight how an organic, vegetarian lifestyle offers many benefits – for themselves, for others and for a more sustainable Earth.